DERMA ROLLER – Natural skin rejuvenation

Interview with Kirsten Schmick

Physician in the field of aesthetic medicine & specialist for dermatology

As much as we wish it could, the biological aging process of the skin cannot be stopped. But does this really satisfy anyone? After all, as we all know, you are only as old as you feel.

We talked to Kirsten Schmick, treating physician in the field of aesthetic medicine & specialist for dermatology at M1 Med Beauty about skin rejuvenation and especially about the treatment method with a DERMAROLLER. In the course of her professional experience, she has developed a trained eye for the effective methods of reducing signs of skin ageing.

M1 SELECT: Mrs. Schmick, to look as young as you feel is something that many of your customers and patients certainly desire. Which methods of wrinkle treatment are available in modern aesthetic medicine today?

Kirsten Schmick: Methods for fighting wrinkles range from invasive methods such as surgical procedures, some of which have longer downtimes and higher costs, to minimally invasive methods such as (hyaluronic acid) fillers and muscle relaxant. Additionally, improvements in skin structure and quality can be achieved with boosters, PRP, skin resurfacing, peeling, micro-needling, etc., some of which have hardly any downtime.

Non-invasive care products rich in active ingredients are available today leading to an improvement of the superficial skin. Furthermore, there are food supplements and more information about a “skin healthy” lifestyle, which can also positively influence the skin appearance.

Our superficial appearance does not only consist of visible skin with possibly small wrinkles, pores and pigment changes. the underlying fat compartments, ligaments and bony structures contribute decisively to the overall appearance of our face, therefore a multi-layered approach is the most effective way to fight wrinkles or to stop the aging process (anti-aging).  This implies that depending on the degree of wrinkles or the age-related changes in the face, the combination of the above-mentioned methods is recommended.

M1 SELECT: What do you think skin rejuvenation by means of micro needling entails?

Kirsten Schmick: A Dermaroller is used for micro-needling. The roller has many small needles with a defined length. During use, the Dermaroller is rolled over the skin on the areas where the treatment will be applied. This makes small holes in the skin allowing the treatment to be absorbed more effectively by the skin.

M1 SELECT: This sounds painful.

Kirsten Schmick: It sounds much more painful than it actually is. The Dermaroller irritates the skin through the penetration of the small needles. Strong pain is not to be expected at 0.5 mm, but a burning sensation, weak pricking or a slight feeling of soreness may occur.

After the treatment, the treated areas are usually reddened due to stimulation of the blood circulation and the skin develops a slight swelling, which makes it already look plumper and fresher. This reaction can be perceived as heat development, slight tightening and slight sensitivity to touch.

M1 SELECT: Who would you recommend to use a DERMAROLLER?

Kirsten Schmick: A Dermaroller promotes the regeneration of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, which results in a tightening effect in the upper layer of skin. The Dermaroller is therefore particularly suitable for improving small wrinkles, superficial (acne) scars and coarse-pored skin. When the UV-light is poor around certain months (late autumn, winter and early spring), treatments with the Dermaroller can sometimes produce a faster reduction of “age spots”.

M1 SELECT: Does the needle length play a major role?

Kirsten Schmick: The needle length of 0.5 mm is well suited for use at home without any significant preparation and “downtime”. A longer needle (from 0.75 mm) increases the amount of pain experienced during the treatment, this means that superficial anaesthesia is often necessary. Additionally, with a length of 0.5 mm you already reach the dermis (dermis) which is where the collagen production takes place. There is a small chance of bleeding and a lower risk of infection using the 0.5 mm needles rather than the longer ones as  0.75mm can cause deeper injuries of the skin.

M1 SELECT: With the M1 SELECT NEEDLING with a needle length of 0.5 mm we are optimally prepared. Mrs. Schmick, are there any benefits compared to other anti-aging methods?

Kirsten Schmick: The Dermaroller stimulates the skin to renew itself, which leads to tightening as well as a visual rejuvenation of the skin, due to the formation of collagen.

Since our skin acts as a surface organ as a protective shield to the outside, active ingredients in care products often cannot penetrate deep enough and therefore only develop their effect on the surface of the skin. Treatment with the Dermaroller breaks through the protective shield and creates small micro-channels for active ingredients, which can then deploy their effect in deeper skin layers more efficiently. Therefore, a combination of suitable skincare products is recommended.

The advantage of the Dermaroller, in my opinion, is that it is an effective, low-cost option for home use, which can be applied anytime and anywhere.

M1 SELECT: Let us take a closer look at the application of the DERMAROLLER. What should we consider?

Kirsten Schmick: When using the Dermaroller, we have to pay close attention to the hygiene measures and infection prevention, as the risk lies in the spread of infections. This means that the Dermaroller must be disinfected before and after each use. Additionally, germ-contaminated skin areas (open wounds, abrasions, active skin infections such as herpes or inflammatory acne) must not be treated.

M1 SELECT: Why is that exactly?

Kirsten Schmick: The Dermaroller penetrates through the skin and thus breaches the protective skin barrier. Thus, germs that were previously on the Dermaroller or picked up during contact with a germinated skin area become “inoculated” in the treated areas of the skin. As the first very effective protective layer is broken down, an infection can occur far more easily than if the germs came into contact with an intact skin barrier.

Furthermore, you should avoid contact with UV light (natural = sun and artificial = solarium) in particular and regularly use a high level of UV protection, as irritated skin tends to form an increased amount of skin colour particles. These can quickly lead to the formation of brown spots, depending on colour and type on skin.

M1 SELECT: Can care products be included in the application of a DERMAROLLER?

Kirsten Schmick: The Dermaroller enables active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and to develop their effect more efficiently. But deeper penetration also means more intensive contact with our immune system, which can lead to the development of allergic reactions. Therefore, when combining the Dermaroller with care products, it is advisable to make sure that they contain as few additives as possible, such as preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances, or ingredients that don’t have a strong allergenic potential and high tolerance not only on but also in the skin.

For example, it is recommended to combine PURE5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum with the Dermaroller. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our body and can therefore not trigger direct allergic reactions. SHIELD SERUM should be applied after the application. It contains anti-inflammatory components, ensuring a faster recovery of the skin barrier and leaving it with a great glow.

M1 SELECT: It sounds as if the application can be perfectly integrated into My daily care routine. But how many times a week can the DERMAROLLER be used?

Kirsten Schmick: A Dermaroller with a needle length of 0.5 mm should be used 1 to 2 times per week, preferably in the evening. This is because the skin needs time to develop positive effects through healing and regeneration before a new irritation affects it.

M1 SELECT: Is it possible to notice a difference after the first application or do you have to be patient?

Kirsten Schmick: A refreshing feeling can be noticed immediately after the first treatment with the Dermaroller due to the increased blood circulation in the skin and the tightening effect through a slight swelling.

The positive changes due to the stimulation of collagen synthesis are only noticeably different several days later. A positive effect can often be noticed after 3-5 treatments – depending on the frequency of treatments per week, i.e. 2-5 weeks. Since each treatment with the Dermaroller is only a small improvement, the therapy must be carried out several times according to the desired result.

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