Interview with Julia Unger

Doctor in the field of aesthetic medicine

1. How do enlarged pores appear on the face?

Julia Unger: The development of enlarged pores has various causes. reduced skin elasticity (especially in the pore area), enlarged hair follicles, acne, and hormones, influence the size of the pores. In addition to this, skin care routines could influence the pore size.

2. Why do some people have larger pores than others?

Julia Unger: The size of skin pores varies and depends on individual factors, such as age, gender or hormone production. Men, for example, are more often affected by enlarged pores than women..

3. Does our lifestyle have a direct influence on pore size.

Julia Unger: Lifestyle also has an influence on pore size. For example, comedogenic care products, UV radiation or a chronic vitamin A deficiency can promote an enlargement of the skin pores. Nutrition also seems to have an influence on pore size. Studies show that a carbohydrate-rich diet can lead to an increase in sebum production and thus lead to an increase in pore size.

4. How does the SMOOTH serum work?

porenverfeinerndes M1 SELECT SMOOTH SERUM Produktbild mit Textur

Julia Unger: The SMOOTH Pore Refining Serum by M1 Select is ideal for large-pored, oily skin. The serum works against inflammation due to the astringent effect of the witch hazel extract as well as the liquorice root extract. In addition to this, both ingredients prevent premature skin ageing caused by UV radiation. The matt complex of oleanolic acid and protoberberines contained in the serum reduces sebum production and can thus counteract oily, greasy, and coarse-pored skin.

5. What care routine do you recommend for an even complexion?

Julia Unger: Increased sebum production is a cause of oily skin and can consequently be accompanied by an enlargement of the skin pores. For a beautiful and even complexion, care products without oils, waxes or fatty substances are recommended. To prepare the skin, cleansing products such as the CLEAN Gentle Cleansing Foam by M1 Select can be used daily. The active ingredients contained in the CLEAN Cleansing Foam, such as D-panthenol, allantoin and piroctone-olamine, are formulated for every skin type and not only stimulate cell renewal, but also alleviate skin redness and prevent the formation of skin impurities through their antibacterial effect.

For a beautiful and even complexion, care products without oils, waxes or fatty substances are recommended.

Especially for skin with coarse pores, our SMOOTH Pore Refining Serum can have a supporting effect. For optimal results, two to three drops of the pore-refining serum should be patted in lightly 1-2 times per day after cleansing the face. The oil-free PURE Gel-Cream is recommended as a final care product for the night. During the day, a care product with at least SPF 20 offers protection against harmful UV radiation.

6. Can SMOOTH Serum be used after an injection with hyaluronic acid or muscle relaxant?

Julia Unger: The care of the freshly treated area should wait until the following day. However, due to its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, SMOOTH Serum can be used for minor injuries such as post injection or itching. Regenerating ingredients (witch hazel, liquorice root) also make it suitable for use on sun-damaged or scarred skin.

7. Can SMOOTH Serum be used in combination with a Dermaroller?

Julia Unger: The application of SMOOTH Serum with a Dermaroller is perfect for the treatment of coarse-pored or stressed skin. The Dermaroller can be used in combination with the serum as often as twice a week. The NEEDLING Dermaroller 0.5 mm from M1 Select, provokes small superficial skin lesions (“holes”), which allow the active ingredients of the serum to penetrate deeper into the affected skin areas. At the same time, regular use of the Dermaroller increases collagen production and promotes local regeneration processes.

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